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This error usually comes when firewall is stopping your machine to reach one of Kinige Servers.

0. Disable firewall, antivirus, or proxy software.
1. Are you able to see thumbnails on Kinige website?
If not,then your admin is blocking access to 8080 port. This is generic port, ask your admin to unblock this port along with port 80.
If you are able to see thumbnails, move to next point ....
2. Are you able to authorize adobe digital editions?
If not, then your machine is not able to reach adobe servers. Kindly disable firewall and re-try.
3. If you installed adobe digital editions from non internet explorer browse (like firefox or chrome) kindly uninstall and reinstall from internet explorer. For some of the users this worked.
4. Make sure your system's time and timezone are correctly configured.
5 Kinige eBooks can be read with SONY reader desktop version (free app) . Kindly use this app and try. http://ebookstore.sony.com/download/