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Browse Kinige

Anonymous User

If not already opened, open ; That looks like image shown right side. This home page shows 12 thumbnails by default. Each thumbnail belongs to one book. To browse more books click on next button at the bottom of this page.

More browsing options

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Kinige Browse

One can do in-depth browsing for Kinige books. On the top, right side of Kinige Logo look for Browse button. Click on it. More browsing options are shown as below. Play around, by clicking on these buttons.


On the top header, we have a search box. One can search for books on Kinige from this location.

How each book page looks?

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Kinige Book

Click on one of the thumbnails to see more details of a book. One can see description, Official review, tags, Language, Publisher, Link back code on the left side and monthly rent price button, e-book license price button, Print book price, Add to wish list button, Preview button on the right side. Note that clicking on author name, publisher name, Each of the tags, Language link, will open Kinige books for respective selections. Preview, add to wish list requires users to be logged in. We will talk about them in next section. Monthly renting, buying e-book license requires professional user previleges, we will talk about in next sections.

Keeping an eye on latest books

Kinige latest books can be subscribed from your favorite feed reader via Kinige latest books feed located @

Sharing your favorite book link on twitter

One can share their favorite book link via twitter simply by clicking on tweet icon on top right of each book page.

Logged User

One need to be registered user in order to be able to log in @ Kinige.

  1. Click on Register button on top right side of Kinige logo.
  2. Follow the instructions by filling minimal details.
  3. Check your mail and activate your new Kinige account.
  4. That's all Registration is complete.

Logging to Kinige.

  1. Click on Login link to top right of Kinige logo.
  2. fill your username and password and login.
Now you are a logged in user.

Being a logged in user, you can download preview of each book for free, add a book to Wish list so that you can buy/rent it later for reading. One can change password from profile page. Profile page can be reached by clicking on profile link on top right. Wish list can also be accessed from profile page.

Professional User

Who is a professional user?

One who re-charges his account is a professional user.

How to recharge an account?

One can re-charge his account in the following ways

  1. Gift coupon : If you bought a gift coupon in Hyderabad book fair or if you were gifted with a gift coupon from some one, then visit and re-charge your account and become a professional user.
  2. Paypal : coming soon
  3. Other Payment options : coming coming
where can I check my balance?

One can check their balance from profile page.

How to see books already bought?

One can check books already rented or bought from MyBooks page. (link is available on top right for logged in users)

How to buy / rent and start reading a book?

Visit your favorite book page. Click on Monthly Rent button to rent the book or E-Book License button to buy license for the book. Once clicking on the button, a new page is loaded where your download link is given. Clicking on it will give acsm file. Open this file in Adobe Digital Edition. If you don't have Adobe digital edition, then go to and download adobe digital editon.

note: Adobe digital edition is must to read Kinige books