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How does buying work on Kinige?

The payment, renting, buying on Kinige works similar to mobile pre-paid card way. One need to recharge an account before start renting/buying e-books on Kinige.

How do I buy an ebook?

Browse or Search for the book you are interested in. On the Kinige home page you will see to your right options to read a book. You can either [rent]] or license an e-book. Click on any of those buttons to activate your choice.

Each button displays the amount in Indian rupee. If user has sufficient balance in account then no problem. If there is insufficient balance, a message appears to recharge your account. In that case one needs to recharge account.

Do I have to pay any shipping or handling charges on the ebooks that I purchase?

There are absolutely no shipping or handling charges on the ebooks that you buy and download at

How do I read an ebook?

To read a Kinige digital ebook, you will have to first download the free edition of Adobe Digital Editions and install it on your machine. Please go here: to download it for Windows/Mac (Apple). When you reach the page please scroll down. You will notice the install button. Click on it and your digital edition reader is ready for your reading pleasure. The software is compatible with your Apple / Mac machines.

Can I return a digital purchase?

In general, Kinige does not accept return of any digital content that is purchased from us . However if you are having trouble with opening or reading the ebook, please send an email to and our friendly technical support team will try to solve your problem.

How can I read Kinige eBook on android?

Help in Telugu is at
Help in English is available at


See troubelshooting page.