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Browse Kinige

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If not already opened, open ; That looks like image shown right side. This home page shows 12 thumbnails by default. Each thumbnail belongs to one book. To browse more books click on next button at the bottom of this page.

More browsing options

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Kinige Browse

One can do in-depth browsing for Kinige books. On the top, right side of Kinige Logo look for Browse button. Click on it. More browsing options are shown as below. Play around, by clicking on these buttons.

How each book page looks?

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Kinige Book

Click on one of the thumbnails to see more details of a book. One can see description, Official review, tags, Language, Publisher, Link back code on the left side and monthly rent price button, e-book license price button, Print book price, Add to wish list button, Preview button on the right side. Note that clicking on author name, publisher name, Each of the tags, Language link, will open Kinige books for respective selections. Preview, add to wish list requires users to be logged in. We will talk about them in next section. Monthly renting, buying e-book license requires professional user previleges, we will talk about in next sections.

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