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Recharge on Kinige is very similar to mobile prepaid cards. One need to recharge an account before start renting, buying e-books from Kinige.

  1. Visit
  2. If new to Kinige, then Register as new user.
  3. Login by clicking on Login button on top right corner.
  4. Click on Profile Link on top right corner.
  5. One can see current balance in account, recharge button at this page.
  6. Click on Recharge Now button.
  7. There are three ways one can re-charge an account on Kinige
    1. Gift coupons : If you got a Kinige gift coupon, enter the code from it in the text box provided.
    2. Paypal : One can pay 10$ via paypal to Kinige and recharge an account for 400Rs.
    3. Payment Gateway (Using credit card, debit card, net banking) -- Coming post bureaucracy gate pass.